Sketchbook project

soft art page one

So I thought it was about time to get back to basics, and back to the sketchbook. I have begun to realise that my art and illustration needs a breath of new inspiration, ideas and creativity. Therefore, i went out to get myself a new sketchbook to start a personal project to better my approach to art and illustration.

This new project is based around the ideas of textures and the connotations, sensations and what comes to mind when one thinks of a particular texture. What does one think when one is given rough textures? Or hard and or their antithesis, smooth and soft? I aim to explore through mediums familiar to new to visually describe a texture. Whether through collage, paint, watercolour, pencil, ink or other, I want this to be an experiment to further my skills to benefit future projects ( I am aiming to re-run my Etsy account next year).

This first page spread is a going to be one of a few posts i will make for this sketchbook project. The first texture that has been chosen is soft, and what comes to mind. A white feather floating in the breeze, sumptuous ice cream sitting in your mouth, or flowers and petals in a bouquet delicately assorted. Even the cotton tail of a young rabbit. I have one more post for this theme, as I aim to do two spreads for each texture.

I will be posting as regularly as possible, and I thank you for your interest. 🙂


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