I live in dreams, I sleep in fear 

A painting using a variety of media of oil paints, ink, acrylic and pen. This is in part, an experiment exercise and trying to push myself into other realms of using textures and lines. In this, I let the materials and collage of textures tell the story of this illustration and came to this conclusion of a surreal almost dream like image.


The skys gone out

A piece inspired by the goth subculture and Bauhaus’ song and album The Sky’s gone out. DSC_0001_20170728142326678.jpg

Surreal art practice

Surrealism and abstract perspectives is something I love to experiment with. Lately I haven’t been using my WordPress account but I want to get back up and running and post some new artworks. I’ve been practicing with line and textures with various materials more out my comfort zone. Collage, papers, paints, chalks as well as pen and pencil are just some of the materials used. I usually do organic works, and enjoy chaotic imagery and reflection. 

Narwhal mermaid

So I have been doing a project with a dear friend and we are collaborating on doing an illustrative series of mermaids. We are doing one for each month so I kicked off with January and did a frosty, wintry illustration of a narwhal mermaid in the polar ice caps under the northern lights. I used watercolors, chalk and pen. Really happy with the outcome and there will be more to come, my next, possibly a blue whale mermaid.


Capturing the moment

Went out and about today and decided to take my sketch book and materials along.whilst out I stopped in a cafe bar and thought what a perfect atmosphere to truly capture people at their most relaxed. So away I went with pen, pencil and a sketch pad at the ready!



Alexander McQueen inspo

Saw this really amazing and delicately intricate look from Alexander McQueen. The dress was almost whimsical and fairytale like I felt compelled to justify this in a watercolor portrait and the model looked elegant. Flowers were draped and cascaded all over with a contrasting a soft pastel dress.